Overcome negative thinking patterns.

What is Unlocking Bright Minds?

Unlocking Bright Minds is a 12-week, hands-on workbook that can help you overcome negative thinking patterns and build confidence. This creative workbook is a beautiful way to reduce the rush and noise in your life, get to know yourself better and build meaningful relationships.

At a glance

What's Inside The Book

There are five chapters in Unlocking Bright Minds, each with daily tools that can easily be incorporated into your life. As the workbook progresses, so do the tools, each tool building upon the previous one!

Learn to see yourself as God sees you.


You are someone special and amazing! With the affirmation tool in Unlocking Bright Minds, you'll be able to create affirmations that are personal and empowering to you and that will align with how God sees you.


Book Chapters


Create true and positive statements about yourself that align with how God sees you.