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Pages 87-88. Faith.

Elder Bednar tells us that faith is a spiritual gift but we have to be doing our part to put ourselves in a position to receive this gift. What's the first thing he says we must do? We have to ACT! He says that we should use our trust in Jesus  Christ (and I would hope, We can use our hope in Jesus Christ) to motivate us to act. 

Page 87. Creating Connections.

Look at the quote about connection on page  87. In what ways did Elder Brown allow himself to be seen by God? In what ways did God provide strength back to Elder Brown? Go to pages 98 and 100 in your workbook and come up with some ways that you can connect with God thereby receiving strength from Him. 

Pages 87-95. Creating Connections.

This perfectly represents what our relationship with our Savior can be like, a side-by-side journey through life where we accomplish hard things together and rejoice over the good. In this obstacle course, Erika literally can not finish the race without the help of her partner, who has already been there and run that race, and knows exactly how to help her. She relies on Him for strength, support, and even, at one point, completely turning it over to Him and admitting she can't do that part because it's just too hard. But there's no sadness or defeat in admitting that, there's just total trust and understanding in her partner.

Page 95. Connecting with others.

This adorable video shows us how Gru, who has been changed by connecting with these three girls, takes a moment to be vulnerable with them and share with them the love he feels. Can you be brave like Gru and tell the people you love and care about how you feel?