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Page 29. Recognize your emotions. 

" Learning to identify and express a full range of emotions is the basic foundation for emotional self-care."

 -  Dr. Julie Hanks. 

This scribble spot talks about how it can spot its emotions, and name them too! Can you do the same? 

Page 32. Get curious about your emotions & feelings. 

This video beautifully portrays how our emotions can quickly shift from one to the next. Our emotions can shift from second to second, hour to hour, and day to day and that's totally normal and okay. Remember, when you're naming emotions, use your "because" sentence to let go of any judgment around your emotions. 

Page 33. Create space for hard emotions.  

This short video speaks volumes to why we should try and create space to process our difficult emotions. Bing Bong has experienced something tragic and Sadness recognizes that in this moment, it's okay to feel sad and that he should embrace that feeling.