meet the author

Emily Taylor

Throughout my childhood, I lived through extensive, trauma-inducing experiences. Unable to process those events at that young age, I carefully tucked them away. I made sure nobody could ever see them. I even hid them and their impact from myself believing I was fine. It wasn’t until much later that those experiences and associated feelings bubbled up to the surface. That was when I began the long journey of healing from my childhood trauma. As my world crumbled around me, I learned I had to fight through the past to uncover who and what I really am without the trauma. At this pivotal time, I had two different people I was working with - my therapist and my bishop. As I worked with my therapist, I became more aware of who I was. As I worked with my bishop, I became more aware of who Jesus Christ and God are. Each of these new insights helped me heal in a very real way, but neither alone could touch the deep hurt I was carrying. Nothing could shake the fact that in my heart of hearts, I believed I was worthless. It wasn’t until I combined what I was learning with my therapist with what I was learning from my bishop that the feelings of worthlessness I had been carrying with me since I was a child began to dissipate. Slowly, with work and the mental tools I was learning, that hollowness inside me was replaced with Godly confidence. Since discovering how beautifully intertwined our mental and spiritual healths truly are, I can’t seem to stop learning about it, immersing myself in it, and trying to share its power with everyone I meet. I am so excited to share it with you.

So who am I? 

I am a seeker of mental health and a faithful believer in Christ who is no longer defined by the trauma of my childhood. I am a nature-loving, bike-riding, super slow hiking lover of food and fitness. I like to blow bubbles with my gum, and I will always sing along to whatever song is playing. I am a wife and a mother, but most importantly I am myself. The person I desire to be.